Legality of recording Zoom meetings

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Miramonte Leadership maintains spirit despite distance

October 10, 2020

From Aug. 31 to Sept. 4, Miramonte High School Leadership held the first spirit week during distance...

Hands-on learning during the pandemic

October 10, 2020

You sign up for a semester of Net Sports to fulfill your Physical Education (PE) requirement, expecting...

Students begin school year from home

October 10, 2020

Contra Costa County high schools have started the school year from home. When asked about their thoughts...

Welcome back The Neighbourhood

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Netflix reboots Baby-Sitters Club

October 4, 2020

Upon hearing that Netflix would be producing a modern reboot of the '90s book series "The Baby-Sitters...

Music is the cure

May 18, 2020

With the world in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is in full swing in the United...

Karen Russell whisks wonder and weirdness into ‘Orange World’

May 16, 2020

In her latest collection of short stories, “Orange World and Other Stories,” Karen Russell warps...

Drama, choir classes adapt

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How I started a journalism club during quarantine

October 6, 2020

While keeping up with schoolwork is hard enough during quarantine, designing and running a journalism...

May 21, 2020

A week of meeting strangers from around the globe, navigating one of the most prestigious universities,...

Alternatives to classroom life amid shelter-in-place

May 18, 2020

It is an unprecedented time in modern history. The whole world is humbly stilled by the formidable and...

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