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Should schools still require masks of everyone?

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As Disney and other corporations have discovered, its difficult – if not impossible – to please all consumers when it comes to a firms degree of wokeness.
No, corporations can't be woke
Asher Meklin, Acalanes High School • May 24, 2022

The phrase “Woke Disney” blares out on Florida televisions as Governor Ron DeSantis discusses the corporation’s recent pullout from donating to his and other conservative politicians’ campaigns. Viewers at home might wonder...

The expansion of on-campus programs spark dialogues on the finite campus space at Acalanes High School.
Making space for spaces on the Acalanes High campus
Alex Ariker, Keith Johnson, and Zack Lara, Acalanes High School • May 24, 2022

Acalanes High School features many classrooms, fields and spaces for various programs and extracurriculars. However, as more on-campus programs seek to expand, the allotted on-campus space for each group...

Generation Z cuts the cord on previous generations’ love for cable television.
Couch potatoes pause cable TV, get into the streaming flow
Keith Johnson and Alex Ariker, Acalanes High School • March 31, 2022

Imagine, but for a moment, flumping down on the couch and browsing through various channels, desperately looking for something to watch. This is what watching television looked like for many people in...

In the game of Life beyond high school, Acalanes students opt to embark on a diverse variety of career and educational paths.
Some Acalanes High seniors look beyond four-year colleges
Connor Faust and Kylie Choi, Acalanes High School • May 21, 2022

As the question “Hey, where are you going to college?” floats around the hallways of Acalanes High School, a number of students raise the conversation about having plans besides attending a four-year...