Screen from Tik Tok home page

Social media must encourage body positivity

Lindsey Lewis, Miramonte High School
January 4, 2021
Irwin blossoms in debut album “Superbloom”

Irwin blossoms in debut album “Superbloom”

Lauren Chen, Dougherty Valley High School
January 2, 2021
Album cover portrait of Carly Pearce

Bro-country subgenre silences female voices, preventing country music from progressing

Aria Khalique, Dougherty Valley High School
December 21, 2020
Zoom montage of choir members performing

Northgate groups sing out in countywide virtual acapella concert

Mia Allyson Montifar, Northgate High School
December 21, 2020
Director with movie posterr

Acalanes alum directs a Pixar film

Jacque Peacock, Haley Rurka , and Irene Meklin
December 20, 2020
Poster from Hamilton the musical

Hamilton arrived in time to lift spirits, increase knowledge

Adelaide Berrett, Northgate High School
December 20, 2020
Sideview of artist at work, blue painting of OLympic God

‘The Old Gods are Not Dead’: Myths Reimagined

Macie Calvert, Monte Vista High School
November 20, 2020
Two students about to log on to phones to play Among Us

‘Among Us’ rising in popularity

Lauren Cunningham, Miramonte High School
November 20, 2020
Male student playing trombone at home

What is on the horizon for Northgate performing arts

Athena Zapantis, Northgate High School
November 11, 2020
Red lit front of movie theateer

Lights, camera, Covid

Brooklyn Weber, Monte Vista High School
November 10, 2020
Student art from Among Us

‘Among Us’ takes off among Acalanes students

Saylen Cardoni and Sammy Lee
October 27, 2020
CD cover for Folklore album

Folklore blends dreams with reality

Daniela Wise, Dougherty Valley High School
October 26, 2020
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