High-intensity workouts gain popularity

Smaller classes focus on students needs

Over the years, workouts haven’t always been everyone’s favorite activity. But exercise has now gained popularity due to new developments in forms of fitness.

Many of these new workouts involve intense activity built into a small amount of time. These classes are often called high-intensity workouts. There are many variations of classes that can cater to levels of all types from beginners to advanced trainers. These workouts allow for more level-based classes that can build off each other. 

Instructors now teach classes to fit specific needs of the students. The classes are able to be more focused to the students needs as they are smaller and modified to fit certain levels of fitness and different body types. The instructors build the workouts so it can be useful to everyone in the class. Instructors building workouts around their students have been shown to see higher results of losing body fat and increasing health. 

Some of the new high-intensity classes that have been increasing in popularity include Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, CrossFit, Core Power Yoga, and even kickboxing. 

One thing these classes have in common are instructors creating workouts that involve music to bring the energy and enjoyment up. An example would be the Peloton workouts that have you ride to the beat of the music.

According to fitness experts, these new systems are effective for those who struggle to fall into a routine or have complications doing proper workouts that will burn calories and fat efficiently. Planned workouts like these are continuously showing great results and making people feel better about themselves. These workout classes are much more interactive and fun. The music and ecstatic instructors help to distract you from the fact you are working hard and are tired.

“I often go to Soul Cycle classes,” said Emma Hinckley, a Monte Vista High School junior. “I enjoy how the instructors push you and the music keeps it fun and upbeat.”

Other workout classes include hot yoga, which works all the muscles of your body and is more difficult than the calm typical yoga. 

“Instructors are very enthusiastic,” sophomore Gabby Siedliski said. “It’s a nice balance between yoga and intense workouts with music. Weights can also be included to intensify the workout. It’s great and adapts to what you are working on.”

While these classes can often be more costly, they have been showing much more improvements to health, weight and the body, health experts say.  Many people struggle to have a system of their own and put in the research to find what their body needs. This makes their regular gym workouts ineffective.