Miramonte’s cafeteria food earns a C+ on its menu items


Photos from Miramonte High School

Lunch and brunch are a crucial part of the Miramonte school day (some might even say the best part) because it’s a nice time to enjoy a snack and hang out with friends. The cafeteria food is something that many students rely on when eating their meals at school. With the addition of new items in the cafeteria, here is a ranking of which items are worth the wait in long cafeteria lines.

Pizza Bread: 4/10 

A Miramonte delicacy, pizza bread has been a student favorite for years. However, there have been some unwanted changes to the once perfect brunch-time snack. This year, the cafeteria altered its recipe from a thin slice of crust with sauce and cheese to a pie crust configuration, covered with sauce and a layer of cheese. 

         Personally, I find this change incredibly upsetting. With the new addition of the pie crust, the whole concept of pizza bread has been tainted. Now the crust is doused in an ungodly amount of sauce that spills everywhere after the first bite. Not to mention the thin layer of cheese that covers the top of the “pizza bread.” As for the taste, there is just too much sauce, which overpowers the rest of the meal. However, I have to give props to the cafeteria for bringing back the original pizza bread recipe every once in a while. 

“I’m not going to lie, the pizza bread this year is a letdown. I miss the old ones; they used to be the highlight of my day. Now I have nothing to look forward to when getting brunch from the cafeteria,” Miramonte senior Joe Gonzales said. 

Pizza: 6.5/10 

Pizza is pizza; it’s really hard to mess up a good slice. However, it seems like every time it is served, half of the batch is burnt and incredibly greasy. That’s nothing a good napkin can’t fix, though. Overall, it’s hard to give pizza a bad rating, even though it’s nothing special in the cafeteria. 

    “The pizza’s fine, I guess. I wouldn’t willingly eat it outside of school, but it’s pretty much the best option,” Miramonte senior Michal Bowers said. 

Salads: 7/10 

The salads are surprisingly good and serve as a nutritious alternative to the other food options. The variety is quite pleasing as you can choose a different salad depending on what mood you’re feeling. The Asian Chicken Salad, Garden Salad, and Garbanzo Bean Salad are all reliable lunches when you don’t know what to get, or if you want something healthy. The only thing wrong with these is the chicken. Is it chicken? I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

   “I like to get the salads for lunch because I’m gluten free and can’t have most of the stuff in the cafeteria. Surprisingly, they are pretty good for a school lunch,” senior Reese Hansen said. 

Cereal: 6/10 

It’s cereal – just eat it and enjoy. Sure, they’re knockoffs, but they taste similar enough to the mainstream brands, so I’ll give them some credit. 

Muffins: 9/10 

The muffins are the only reliable item in the cafeteria. Not sure what to get? Get a muffin. The assortment is impeccable: from delicious, gooey chocolate to tasty blueberry, you can’t get sick of them. However, I must warn you that the banana muffins are a no-go. Unless you want to consume an odd Laffy Taffy-esque banana flavoring in a disgustingly moist pastry, I’d steer clear. 

Overall the free school lunch and brunch food choices have been somewhat questionable this year, but there are still some treasures in the cafeteria. Remember to eat up, and, whatever you do, don’t get the banana muffins.