New version through pandemic


When I decided to come to the United States I knew that I would face many new things like a different government, educational system, culture, and language. 

I arrived in the United States on June 29, 2019, in San Diego, California when I was 16 years old. At that time, all my memories of my family were passing through my mind because I would no longer be with them and now I would go to live with new people. Somehow, my brain blocked all those emotions and memories and I completely focused on “learning the educational system” as well as its culture and language which was something I needed. Since then, my life has changed in all aspects. Imagine! I was a lonely teenager. Everything around me was new to me. After a few months, I began to adapt to the educational system, I was able to flow a little more in my classes, and just when I was there, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, and again everything was new for me.

I have been in this pandemic for nine almost ten months, with so much free time to think. I realized that before the pandemic, I was not actually enjoying my life. I was trying too hard to learn and succeed in a new country that I never prioritized what I really wanted or needed to do. Today, thanks to the pandemic, my ability to slow down, spend time with myself and really think, has meant there is a new Aimee. Now I continue working to achieve my inner peace because that’s an everyday job. I’m clear about what I want for my future, but I’m also clear that I have to enjoy my present life. 

During this pandemic, I have learned so many things. I learned how to manage my emotions so that they don’t control me. And most important, I learned that there is nothing better than having your peace and emotional stability. Once you have that, you realize that you have control over your life.

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