Students lead on city council run

Unconventional campaign falls short

Handing out masks and interacting with citizens, Turner Stanton spent the morning of Nov. 1 at Danville’s farmers market. 

As a candidate for the Danville Town Council, the San Ramon Valley High School alum devoted the months leading up to the Nov. 3 election solidifying his campaign, reaching out to as many people as possible, and navigating a unique political environment.

And while he didn’t emerge victorious, he pursued  an unconventional campaign amid the challenge of COVID-19, the virus that has been tackling America since mid-March.

Stanton and his campaign team, including two students from San Ramon High as well as three from Monte Vista High, set up at the farmer’s market on Railroad Avenue as early as 6:30 a.m. every Saturday

He said the hardest part of his campaign was “added background work to keep the public and our team safe.” Not only did they deal with the challenge of social interaction while wearing masks, but they took extra measures to have hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and social distancing.

It was as much of a struggle to properly speak with a mask as it was to convey facial expressions. It was also difficult to make conversation with people on an intimate level when at least six feet away.

Stanton sought to involve people of all ages, from students to the elderly, and hung his signs around town. He also visited San Ramon High’s Youth and Government delegation to discuss the motives for the election as well as how the process had been. He verbalized his intentions to involve not only young people, but the elderly too, because of the importance of building a strong community.

Being a 2013 alumnus of San Ramon High, Stanton said the classes and extracurriculars that motivated him most to get involved in politics were Youth and Government, and Leadership. Both were inspiring and motivational, and were the kickstart for Stanton’s political aspirations.

Even though he did not win, Stanton said he remains optimistic for the future and will carry on. He received 9,346 votes, coming in fourth place. The three candidates ahead of him were elected.