Former CC Spin award winner honored at Harvard

Su named president of Crimson’s 148th Guard


Dick Rogers, CC Spin Staff

Amanda Su, a graduate of Dougherty Valley High School and CC Spin’s 2018 “Student Editor of the Year,” has been selected to be the next president of The Harvard Crimson’s 148th Guard. This extraordinary achievement is confirmation of the value of high school journalism. Amanda, a member of Harvard’s Class of 2022, credits her CC Spin experience and the guidance of Dougherty journalism teacher Rachel Decker for helping build a solid foundation for her prestigious new post.

While at Dougherty, Amanda wrote about the growing interest of women in computer science, the virtue of balancing STEM and humanities studies, and her experience helping build housing for poor residents of Tijuana, among many others. At Harvard she covers the college administration and previously wrote about race and diversity.

The Crimson’s announcement is here.