New Northgate VP builds relationships during the pandemic

Ravina finds working from campus helps


Sophia Tribendis

Vice Principal Kara Ravina is pleased to be at Northgate where she sees “student advocate” as a top role for her.

As many students at Northgate High School are finding, it is challenging to get to know our classmates, teachers, school surroundings, and advisors during distance learning. As a freshman who is new to the school, this would be incredibly hard.

One person experiencing Northgate and trying to get to know students and staff is not a freshman — she is the administrative team’s newest member.

Vice Principal Kara Ravina joined the school this year, becoming a team with returning Vice Principal Craig Bocks. She takes the place of Kelly Cooper, who became the school’s principal after the departure of Michael McAlister.

It is amazing how much we rely on face-to-face contact to develop relationships” Ravina said in a recent interview. 

Nevertheless, Ravina has been busy building relationships. She is working from school, where she can see about two dozen teachers and staff, and students who come onto campus. She has also been meeting with teachers and even visiting some classes over Zoom or Google Meet. 

“I am thankful for the time we have in classes and meetings, but the casual nature of in-person dialogue is really nice” Ravina said.

Principal Kelly Cooper stated recently that she is thrilled to have Ravina on the administrative team. “She has already proven to be a creative problem solver with an admirable work ethic,” Cooper said.

Ravina has been an educator in the Bay Area for the past 20 years. Previously, she taught in the Acalanes Union High School District as the Director of Instrumental Music at Las Lomas High School.

With her professional educational background, Ravina has “many years of experience in vocal music and piano.” She has an undergraduate degree in Music Performance, emphasizing education, and a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership. Both came from California State University East Bay. While she is accomplished on many instruments, her lead is the trumpet. 

Besides her educational background, Ravina also has many inspirations and goals in her life. She describes herself as one who likes to carry a “growth mindset” and is inspired by many individuals daily. She says she has found inspiration through family, colleagues, friends, and students. 

While she finds inspiration through students, one of her goals at Northgate is also to support students. She finds developing student leadership something essential to her. Ravina said her plans include “supporting the teaching staff, and supporting equity throughout the school and district.”

She described her family and her work in education as her most proud accomplishments. “I am very proud to be a mother to my two children,” she said, of her 11 and 8-year-old. Her husband, Jason Ravina, became Foothill Middle School’s music teacher this year. 

Educationally, gaining her master’s degree is one of her most successful moments in life. “I am very proud of the work I did in my master’s degree. My program anchored everything from a social justice lens — this was so impactful for my development as an educator and person,” she said. She added that she enjoys and looks forward to being a mentor in education and a “positive advocate” for students.