Virtual learning blocks creation of school memories

Challenge of learning away from classrooms


Keely Fry

Keely Fry of DeAnza High School misses the sense of independence that going to school gave her.

With the school year starting and district officials announcing that distance learning will remain in effect, some students are having a difficult time coping with having to learn away from their classrooms.

Students, including me, miss the social interaction between friends and other peers, along with other aspects of school. Students of all ages feel the gap between wanting to make memories but being unable to because of current global circumstances. I interviewed several students and asked about what they missed most about being on the school campus.

Alexa Hodges, a sophomore at De Anza, loves being on the swim team and hanging out in the art room. She said she misses being able to physically be there. “I miss being able to be in a classroom and being able to go to my teachers and ask for help and having assignments that are actually on paper.” She said she also misses communicating with peers and teachers alike.

 Keely Fry, a senior at De Anza, has a younger sibling at home that she and her parents are worried about since the coronavirus is fast spreading and profoundly serious. When asked what she will miss most about going to school in person, she remarked that she missed the sense of independence. 

“Though I love being a kid and being with my family, school was like my job as they have their own. It gave me a sense of responsibility, with doing my own work and assignments, walking to classes, and running a club,” Keely said, adding that going to school was her outlet and made her feel more grown up than she actually was. 

Lyrik Sanders is a senior at De Anza. She has been in contact with her friend group daily, talking and “hanging out” to try to make some type of memories over the summer before she graduates. She said she misses cracking jokes and doing fun things in class, “or making ourselves into a wall in the hallway so no one can get around us.” Lyrik went on to mention that she feels she may get emotional when seeing her friends again and being able to hug them.

 I agree with the sentiments of my fellow students. I completely relate to wanting to have in-person help and being able to hang out with my friends. 

Unfortunately, our student body must sit and wait for announcements of how school is going to proceed. But while we wait, we must all keep the phrase in mind: We’re all in this together.