A Letter to America

You can love your country, but dislike

It’s shameful to be part of a country so transparent in intention. But I cannot help but love despite the flaws and mistakes. While I love, I dislike.

I love our sites, be they historical, natural, even infrastructural but dislike our ability to destroy those of others.

I love our foods but dislike our lack of consciousness to know that we deprive others of it.

I love our ability to maintain power but dislike our inability to use it for the greater good.

It’s hard to understand the method to our madness. 

This is hardly an end to the means.

It’s shameful to be a part of society oblivious and unaware of our tongue and uneducated in human decency but I must excuse our behaviour for a lack of individuality.

Following is easier than leading, however,

it is wrong.

I admire the motivation and hunger for success but dislike the mindset of it never being enough to satisfy.

The urgency to be number one is awe-inspiring but behind every urgent decision is a society being stomped and trampled upon.

We have the potential, the capability and the resources to better ourselves, each other and society, ethically and morally.

To my leaders and followers within America I respectfully implore you to find within yourself a stronger conscience. One that values human lives over the essence of a red, white and blue flag or other materialistic reasons.

While I understand my message has the possibility of being disregarded or may never reach the most disinterested of America… it is hopeful.

Manahil Rizvi was a sports editor of The Stampede, the student newspaper of Monte Vista High School, and member of the Class of 2020. She will be attending Michigan State University next year. As she continues the next chapter of her life she hopes to make change and bring awareness through her voice and journalism.